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Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation

We foresee the Future of Growth through A.I. — from “Potentiality to Actuality”.

Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation, is establishing the foundation for reinventing Economic Development with services and a platform that focuses on “Non Debt” or "Low Debt" solutions to sustain Corporations and Municipalities in lieu of Bond Debt, by utilizing our M.I.N.D ® Machine Intelligence NeuralNetwork Database.

M.I.N.D ® is currently in the Alpha/Beta stage of development and will be a neural network trained by vast amounts of datasets on high performance computing clusters in order to mimic the human brain’s cognition and decision making process, specifically in the area of financial and economic development.

Areas of Practice

Our current areas of specialization are --- Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS), and ---- IDEAS Incubator Platform X, both are powered by M.I.N.D ®.


M.I.N.D ® Machine Intelligence NeuralNetwork Database is the engine of (aiedc), and is focused on using the Markov Decision Process, as well as other algorithmic methods as building blocks combined with ever-changing dynamic factors from real world datasets.

Source: Risk Management Association

Source: Risk Management Association


Inputs into the S-CGE model to capture the impact of A.I. through productivity and product enhancements


The Global GDP impact by effect of A.I. 2017-2030

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